Academic experiences

  • 2017 2016

    Graduate assistant

    University of the Andes, Cupi2 project

  • 2014-1 2014-2

    Professor assistant

    Distrital University, Basic Programming, programming object oriented and operating systems.

  • 2013-1 2013-2

    Professor assistant

    Distrital University, Programming object oriented ,Basic programming, advanced programming and computer science.

Education & Training

  • M.s.CCurrently

    Master of System Engineering

    Univerisity of the Andes

  • B.A.2015

    Bachelor of System Engineering

    Distrital University

Honors, Awards and Grants

  • 2014
    Degree of honor Francisco José de Caldas
    I got the highest academic recognition given by the Francisco José de Caldas Distrital University, consisting of the granting of a scholarship of postgraduate studies in any Colombian university. It is offered to the graduates who take first place of the promotion of its faculty (Faculty of Engineering).
  • 2015
    Laurate thesis
    Highest honour awarded for outstanding research work. It's evaluated by a pair of Colciencias and is granted when: "Contains a large number of elements that allow us to say that it was contributed to the knowledge, either in advance in technology, or in progress in the implementation of science and technology; Or a step has been taken towards the determination of a line of research; Or proves scientific novelty; Or highly significant contributions are made to the related knowledge in the field of Art in the degree of excellence, coherence, academic and scientific development. "
  • 2013
    Best National Score in High Quality State Tests - Saber Pro 2013
    This award was given by Ministry of national education, highlighting in: WRITTEN COMMUNICATION ENGLISH SOFTWARE DESIGN SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS
  • 2009 - 2014
    With honors
    This award is given to the best 10 students per career each semester, having account his semestral GPA.
  • 2012
    Honor Roll
    The best 10 students of all faculty receive this award which consists in acknowledgement by a pictures mural with the reason why those students are creditors of that.
  • 2007
    Best bachelor
    I received this award due to my academic performance and my role in academic community at my high school.